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Ever After

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Spring Ranch

- A Junior High Girls Event

by Sisters Under Grace



The middle school years, especially in today’s society, remain a season for most that is full of the harsh realities of inner struggle and social awkwardness. It’s typically a season emphasized by the gap between who you perceive you are and who you want to be in action and word. That divide is confusing for adults. How are youth supposed to figure it out? That’s why we have created Ever After.


Ever After is hosting its annual one day event on Saturday, May 11th 2019. All middle school girls up and down the valley and anywhere else that are willing to travel are invited to attend. Spring Canyon has graciously offered the use of their facilities for this one day get away. Our faithful volunteers every year dedicate their time to encourage and equip these girls with solid truth from the Word about their identity in Christ.


The day will be made up of interactive breakout sessions around social media, relationship building, and the value of being authentic. Lunch and snacks will be served. Please get the word out to any middle school girls that you may know!  


Be blessed,

Naomi Allen

406-871-4818  (check it out April 1)

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