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Amy Taylor became the next director. Her vision for a faith-based, community accessible pregnancy center was implemented. It was then decided to rent space for the BVPC at the Buena Vista Square.  The central location brought more clients, and it was soon evident that a larger building was needed.  In 2004, with Margaret Marx as the director, the BVPC purchased an 800 sq. ft. building in the Buffalo Peaks Center. There were 85 client visits that year.

In 2005, Karol Flowers became Director.  The center added the Earn-While-You-Learn program, which gave clients the opportunity to take classes on pregnancy and parenting.  Clients could earn points to “spend” on new and used items such as car seats, cribs, diapers, etc.

By 2008, the center had 705 client visits and had, once again, outgrown their space. They were able to sell that building and purchase a 1200 sq. ft. building, also in the Buffalo Peaks Center.  This gave them 2 counseling rooms, a laundry room, used and new  baby items rooms, kitchen, and a directors office.


In the mid 90’s, a woman came and spoke at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.  She shared about the great need for people to rise up and speak truth about abortion and the great harm it has done to the men and women of our nation since the 70’s when abortion was made legal.  Audrey Hinkle and Bruce Cogan heard that message, and in 1995, started the non-denominational Buena Vista Pregnancy Center (BVPC).

Each week faithful volunteer staff, co-directed by Irene Mable and Carol Guthrie, would open the doors of the center, located at St. Rose of Lima.  They offered free pregnancy testing and confidential counseling.  That first year they had only 11 clients walk through the door, but these faithful few did not give up.

How We Started

In 2009 the ultrasound program was added. Registered Nurses trained in limited sonography, joined the staff.  This program opened up a new way to reach the abortion - minded clients by allowing them to see their baby’s heart beat.  That year there were 820 client visits.


2010 saw the Center add the Men’s Mentoring Program (later named Developing Awesome Dads).  That year there were 879 client visits, with 88 of those visits being part of the Men’s mentoring program.

God wasn’t finished yet.  In March of 2012, He miraculously enabled the BVPC to purchase the adjoining 1700 sq. ft. building.  This purchase gave the center 3 counseling rooms, a conference room, an ultrasound room, two showers (for clients who don’t have running water or live in tents/campers), 2 bathrooms, an accountant’s office, and a child’s play area.   There were 896 client visits that year.

We stand in amazement at what God has done, and continually praise Him for the miracles we see every week!

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