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Developing Awesome Dads (DADs) Program

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Are you about to become a father or want to become a better Dad?
If so, you have come to right place.

The Men's Mentoring Program at the BV Pregnancy Center is a network of men from the Buena Vista community that through the grace and love of Jesus Christ provides a supportive environment to a most influential element in a family, the father.  Providing supportive relationships and guidance, the Male Mentoring Program promotes fatherhood from conception.

Here are some ways that we help:


Fatherhood Mentoring
BVPC offers a one-on-one male mentoring program for all upcoming and current fathers.  The program is offered by male volunteers and covers a wide range of topics focusing on developing men as fathers and husbands.  Anchoring the program is a DVD series entitled "The Quest for Authentic Manhood" which is a 24-session study focusing on man's core identity of basic manhood issues.  The Fatherhood Mentoring program is specially developed for each client, and is linked with the Earn-While-You-Learn-Program-Club.


Pregnancy and Parenting
Our male mentors assist fathers in developing confidence in their ability to meet the challenges they may face in their family and future.  BVPC provides a course curriculum to aid in understanding the stages of pregnancy, enhancing parenting skills, and developing healthy personal relationships. The lessons are intended to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of clients. The knowledge gained is valuable in dealing with everyday issues in the family and child development. This program offers clients opportunities for learning and personal growth while earning points that can be used to "purchase" new and used items from the BVPC "Baby Boutique." under the Earn While You Learn Program.


Pregnancy Issues
You helped bring the mother and baby to this moment, so it's only right that you are involved in the decision-making process.   As a potential father, you may be feeling powerless or confused, wondering what your options really are. It's important to know ALL the facts about each option before you make a decision.  We have counselors who care about you and will walk along side you as you make these life changing decisions.


We have counselors who care about you and will walk alongside you as you make life-changing decisions.

Stop by to talk or contact us today ... (719) 395-6703 or e-mail us at

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