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Baby Acne

I brought my beautiful baby home and after a few weeks, he suddenly looks like a teenager with what appears to be acne. What is it?

Chances are it is acne. There is no need to worry! This is a simple thing to remedy. Baby acne is thought to be caused by mother’s hormones toward the end of pregnancy. The acne appears 3-4 weeks after the baby is born and disappears 3-4 weeks after it begins. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts in the meantime.

Don’t scrub your baby’s face or mess with it too much. Their skin is gentle and needs to be treated that way.

Don’t use teenage acne medicine on your baby’s face. The ingredients are too harsh.

Do wash baby’s face gently with a mild soap such as Dove and softly pat dry.

Do use an oil-free lotion to keep the skin soft.

Just be patient. Chances are your baby doesn’t even notice. It will go away on its own soon.

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