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Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use During Pregnancy

Choose not to drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs, and give your baby a better chance to be born healthy

Facts About Drugs and Pregnancy:


If you use cocaine or crack, the chances are great that:

  • Your baby may have a stroke before it is born.

  • You may have a miscarriage.

  • Your baby may be born too small or too soon and have trouble breathing.


 If you use heroin while you are pregnant:

  • Your baby may be born addicted and go through withdrawal after it is born.


If you use any street drugs at all:

  • You will be less healthy, and that increases the chance that your baby will be born with health problems.


Facts About Tobacco and Pregnancy:

If you smoke while you're pregnant, the chances are greater that: 

  • You may have a miscarriage or stillbirth.

  • Your baby may be born too small or too soon.

  • Your baby may have learning and behavior problems later in childhood. 

  • Your baby may die from crib death or SIDS.

  • Your baby may have asthma or other respiratory problems.


The best time to quick smoking is before you get pregnant. If you are pregnant and still smoke, try to quit. For help in quitting, contact BABY AND ME, TOBACCO FREE at (719) 395-0344, or (719) 539-4510.   

For every month (up to a year), that you stay smoke free after your baby is born, you will receive a $25 voucher for diapers! 


Facts About Alcohol and Pregnancy:  

If you drink any kind of alcoholic beverage when you're pregnant, it reaches your baby. And, the truth is, alcohol can hurt your baby.

If you drink when you're pregnant, your baby could be born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) or fetal alcohol effects (FAE).


Babies with FAS generally: 

  • Have small heads. 

  • Are mentally retarded or have learning disabilities.

  • Often have heart defects and other physical problems.

Babies with FAE generally:

  •  Have some birth defects.


Even small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of birth defects, so the safest choice is not to drink alcohol at all during pregnancy. It's best to stop drinking before you become pregnant because your baby's organs start forming before you even know you're pregnant. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can also increase your risk of having a miscarriage. Choose not to drink and give your baby a better chance to be born healthy.



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