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Our Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members

Naomi Allen, Director

Lindsey Book, Nurse
Donna Cortese, Nurse Manager
Amanda LaGree, Client Services Administrator
Cindy McArthur, Assistant Director
Lindsay Winn, Bookkeeper
Shelia Anderson
Donna Benedetto
Terri Gerstmeyer
Ruth Heckmann
Glenna Loyd
Mitzi Norton
Leza Reed
Lisa Sims
Marv Willyard
Mickey Willyard
Our Board Members
Board members serve a three year term. New board members come on each September. They are involved in the planning and are active in the events. To find out how you can become a BVPC board member, please contact Naomi Allen at 719-395-6703 or by email at

Current Board Members:

Ashley Blazer

Danielle Chambers

Ashley Davis

Lisa Groy

Matthew Shepherd

Barbara Spencer

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