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If you have stumbled upon this blog, then welcome! This is for the Buena Vista Pregnancy Center in Buena Vista, Colorado. We are a little town of roughly 2,600 people in the Arkansas River Valley. I hope to tell you a little about the folks that volunteer at the Center, events that we do with the community and stories of joy within our walls. But let me start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Amy. I came to know about the Center in 2008 when a friend of mine suggested that I join the Board of Directors. To say that I did not feel equipped was an understatement. I had never volunteered in that capacity before and had never been on a board before. After some prayer and soul searching I couldn’t think of a better way for me to get involved. I said yes and so began my journey with the Center. The choice I made was truly life changing. I have learned so much about hope, courage and what it takes to build a family these days. Along the way, I even gained a new family of my own through all of the wonderful folks that are involved with the Center. It is such a great feeling when you belong to a cause that extends beyond the lives of those immediately around you…when you can look out after some time and feel its reaches far beyond the limits of your life, your home, your city and that bubble you have created that holds your world in place. As we begin to stretch our boundaries now comes another part of the journey. With the creation of the internet we have an opportunity to let more people see our world at the Buena Vista Pregnancy Center. We want to extend our reach as far as we can so that we can grow our community of family. To achieve this, we have created this website and a Facebook page (titled Buena Vista Pregnancy Center) along with this blog in order that you may get a chance to see us in our element, to hear from us on topics that we have learned about and to understand how our hearts beat for each and every human life on earth. We look forward to getting to know you as well. So please feel free to comment and share your journeys with us. We can’t wait to get to know you!


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