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Ways to Keep the Family Focused on the Christmas Season

Keep the Family Focused on Christmas

The holidays are hectic and it is difficult to keep focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Here are a couple of ideas for the family.

  1. Have a large calendar in a central place in the house. Everyone (including kids) writes what they are thankful for each day.

  2. Choose a charitable activity in which the whole family can participate. Ex.: make goodie bags with candy, toiletries, playing cards, etc. for the homeless, buy toys together for a toy drive, volunteer at a homeless shelter.

  3. Invite a low-income family or elderly person from your community to your home for dinner during the Christmas season.

  4. Make cookies together and pass them out to the neighbors.

  5. Make ornaments together.

  6. Hang a large stocking at the beginning of the month. Add goodies and notes throughout the month and give to a special person.

  7. Have the kiddos help with the decorating explaining the meaning of special decorations. Then have them help put the decorations away teaching them to carefully preserve the family Christmas treasures.

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