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Full Loads and Empty Pockets

Despite modern conveniences, some aspects of laundry never change. You still need a clothespin on your nose when you peel apart the teenager's socks. And kids still leave all sorts of junk in their pockets. Men still carry nails and the wing nut from last year's lawn mower as well as springs and sprockets from various machines. As the pockets are patched, I am reminded of all the worries, fears, anxieties and doubts we carry around from week to week without really noticing them. Suddenly the accumulated weight becomes too much and we break under the strain.

We need to develop the habit if emptying our pockets, so to speak. We must spread out our feelings before the Lord, prayerfully sort thing through, and ask Him to dispose of the trash. In so doing, we will discover that we have exchanged our "spirit of despair" for a "garment of praise".

Author - Alma Barkman

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